How to become fashion photographer

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People who love art also love fashion and would like to photograph it and make some money doing it. In this article, you find out how to utilize your art talent and help you becoming a fashion photographer.

If you want to become fashion photographer you need to know how to work with a camera but most importantly you need to know how to capture the fashion in the best way. This can only be achieved if you photograph in your free time. It is crucial that you have taken numerous artistic pictures before you start thinking about a career in fashion photography.
Photographer: Nunzio Prenna, Model: Esti Rose, Dress: Beyond Burlesque, Collar and collar worn as headpiece: Velvet Eccentric by Della Reed, Mask (worn as headpiece): Clea Broad, Shoes: Stylist’s own, Styling: Lauren Eva

The first step in getting a job is creating a professional looking portfolio featuring the best fashion pictures that you have done. You need to make sure that the portfolio is nice and it tells a story through the pictures. A little tip, make sure to include pictures where the background plays a role and exclude the pictures where the background is rather dull.

Once you have your portfolio ready, it’s time to do a research and find out with which fashion agency would you like to work. The difference between some agencies are that some of them will make you travel a lot, that might be a great if you are a young person without commitments, however if you are more stable and prefer to live and work in the same city it will be probably better to choose an agency that is based in the city in which you live.

Many starting photographers think that they need to have an art degree and great photographic gear, but most often this is not true as the agencies could not care less about that. What they really care is the ability to capture the fashion in a specific way that will everyone interested in it.