How to download spotify premium for mac?

download spotify for mac
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Spotify is one of the fastest growing music application where people come from a different place to enjoy the music.

People from all over the world attract toward this application is just because of its amazing features.

We will discuss all the features in detail further in this article so that you might able to know that why you should download and install Spotify on your device.

Spotify available for a different platform like android, windows, mac etc. in different version.

These three platforms discussed above android, windows and mac are most using platform for any purpose all over the world and same for spotify.

But sometime some people dont get the proper guidance that how to download and install spotify on these platforms.

download spotify for mac

I will share guide of downloading and installing spotify on all these platforms step by step in another article but in this article I am going to share the guide on how to download and install spotify premium on mac.

But before we move further lets take a small introduction of spotify.

So, spotify is an online platform which let the people enjoy music and create their own music, songs, podcasts to put in front of people worldwide through this application.

It has collected the billions of songs sung by different artist from the different country in a different language.

Spotify provide services to their user in a different plan based on the access of its services like free version has some restriction of services which can be unlock by taking the paid subscription of spotify.

We will discuss all the plan of spotify in detail further in this article so that you can decide which one is fit for you.

The main goal of this article is to provide you the guide on how to download and install spotify premium on mac.

So, if you are facing the problem while installing spotify premium on mac then after reading this article your problem would be solved.

Lets start

How to download and install spotify premium on mac

There is no rocket science behind the installation of Spotify premium on mac. You just need to follow few simple steps below carefully and your installation will take place.

Here we go

Step: 1 first go to spotify official site and download spotify for mac.

Step: 2 remove all the file related to spotify in your mac if already you have installed it. Do this step first otherwise it might create an issue while installing spotify premium on mac.

Step: 3 after downloading the file click on it and it will take you in one another folder. You will see there a file name install spotify, double click on it. And then click on open and then click on ok.

Step: 4 after clicking on ok button it will start downloading and installing spotify on your mac. Wait till it complete its downloading and installing process.

Step: 5 and finally you are done.

Features of spotify

Shuffle play

This is one of the best feature which let you to listen any songs randomly without manual changes.

If you are using free version of spotify then you would be able to access only these two features listen and shuffle the songs.

Ad free

If you have the premium subscription of spotify only then you would be able to access this feature otherwise not.

how to download spotify for mav

Unlimited skips

Allows you to skip the songs from between if you dont like the song.

Listen offline

You can download the songs from spotify so that you can listen it when you are offline.

This downloaded file will be accessible only in your spotify application.

High quality audio

Provide the high quality audio sound compare to other competitive application which might be the very attractive feature to attract the users.

No root

You dont need to root your device if you are using it in an android because it can install in the non-rooted phone too.

Save storage space

Because this application fetch the songs online from its own server and make live in your device so there is no issue of storage of using it.

Spotify plans

Spotify have a different plan based on that it allows users to access its services.

Some says it has mainly two plans free and premium but its not true, it has a different plan for different audience which we going to discuss one by one below.

Lets begin

Spotify free version

If you dont want to spend money but still want to use spotify premium on mac or any other device then free version of spotify is best for you.

The only drawback of this version is that it allows you to access only few limited features of spotify like listening and shuffling the songs.

Spotify premium version

This is the premium version in which you will get all its premium feature but for that you have to pay few bucks to spotify and only then you will be able access this version.

For this one you have to pay around $9.99 per month. The main feature of this version is unlimited skips, ad free, offline downloads etc.

Spotify unlimited version

This version of spotify will charge you around $4.99 per month and allow you to enjoy ad free music with some other small features.

Spotify family plan

If your all family members are using spotify then you can get 50% discount in which spotify will allow four family members to use all its premium features.

Spotify premium student discounts

This version will allow to access all its feature just at $4.99 per month. But this one is available only for student.

If you want this version then will need to have US IV Enroll Student with 18+ age.

They will check all the detail of student eligibility and only then allow you to take this offer.


Lets wrap up

Above we have seen how you can download and install spotify premium on mac step by step in an easiest way.

The downloading and installation process of spotify premium on mac was as simple as it is in other devices like android and windows.

Along with the installation guide we knew lot more other things about spotify like its amazing features and different plans.

So if you are confused to choose that which spotify plan is suitable for you then go and read the article it will help you to get rid of your confusion.

Spotify have more plans than we are thinking for different audiences, I have discussed all of them above in the spotify plan section.

Go and check out all of them.