What is acne and why is it caused?

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Yes, you may call it a problem that crops up in your life every now and then, but it is generally a condition of the skin where the sebaceous glands release more sebum causing inflammation of the skin that results in pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts.

Now, the question arises why it is caused. Well, there are few reasons for it.

reasons for acne

The factors are quite a few, but it has got mostly to do something with your levels of androgen. When you step into your teens, this level soars up causing the breakout of acne. For women, it is known as oestrogen. The high level of androgen causes the glands to grow underneath your skin. These glands release more sebum than it should causing the walls of your pores to break. That is the time bacteria finds its way into your pores causing the problem of acne.

  1. When the pores of your skin are clogged: If you use a moisturiser or lotion that has a lot of mineral oil, it will end up blocking your pores and cause the outburst of acne.
  2. Consumption of unhealthy food: When you eat a lot of spicy food like peppers, tomatoes or anything that has a high level of acidic lycopene the pH levels of your skin doesn’t remain under control anymore. This triggers the acne to break out.
  3. The hair products you use must never have sulphates in them. Although they have cleansing properties, they can do more harm than you can imagine. It seeps inside your pores and results in acne on the back, chest or hairline by blocking the pores.
  4. Even though you are a teenager if you are addicted to cigarettes, then your skin will pay the price too. The oxygen that your face needs is cut out every time you smoke up. Smoke has carcinogens that cause irritation to the skin resulting it to dry out. These trigger the breakout of acne as the sebaceous glands release more oil.
  5. While Acne can be regarded as a disease because it affects every three persons out of 4 between the age group of 11 to 30 years of age. Its severity depends on how bad a mark it leaves behind on the face which usually takes too long and too much to fade away.

    how to cure acne

  6. Have you been too harsh on your skin while exfoliating it then that again is a mistake and would count towards more acne marks. As scrubbing your skin way too often not just removes the dead skin cells but also clogs the pores of active acne resulting in the spread of bacteria all over the skin surface causing more acne. For getting the best scrubbers at the best prices, visit DealVoucherz.
  7. Plucking out on your pimples is not a one-day formula to get over the just born acne, it is going to turn out to be worse after a few hours. Because the mark of the picked-out acne will stay on your skin for years to come reminding you your dermatologist play. Further, it multiplies the number of acne on your skin.
  8. Instead of washing your face with water right when it is full of sweat, we suggest wipe it clean and then splash some water over it. Because washing your face after an intense workout or jogging makes the skin develop acne.

All of these are possible reasons to cause Acne on any skin, but a skin type that is oily is likely to have more pimples or acne than a skin that is dry. Of course, there are natural ways to get rid of them, but if you carefully follow what causes them, you might not feel the need to fight against them.